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Scythian BioSciences is a private Research and Development Company committed to finding a solution for the prevention and treatment of concussions and Traumatic brain injury (TBI). Breakthrough Research- Traumatic Brain Injury: When traumatic brain injury happens after a major impact to the head, there is:

  1. The initial damage from the impact itself;
  2. The damage from inflammation caused by the impact; and
  3. The damage caused by a series of immune responses, causing extensive tissue injury.

Scythian’s primary approach to reduce both the inflammation and the immune response by using two classes of drugs in combination as frontline treatment puts us at the forefront of TBI treatment. A broad based U.S. provisional patent application has been filed utilizing our proprietary combination therapy which affects the endocannabinoid pathway to treat concussions and TBI. Our mission is to be the first accepted drug regimen for concussive treatment. Scythian Biosciences has recently formed a collaboration with the University of Miami to conduct pre-clinical and clinical trials of this drug regimen. Both Scythian and the University of Miami believe that Scythian’s scientific approach shows significant promise and differs from approaches previously taken. Our collaboration with the University of Miami will allow us access to their extensive knowledge base in the fields of Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion as will allow for our pre-clinical and clinical studies to be carried out at their world-class facilities.

Other Research: Scythian has also filed a second U.S. provisional patent application proposing to utilize a similar endocannabinoid receptor present in the intestinal tract to treat a wide array of gastrointestinal inflammatory diseases. This proposed treatment regimen is currently undergoing refinement and will also shortly be vetted for the commencement of pre-clinical and/or clinical trials. Scythian is also evaluating other medical R&D projects.

Other Business Lines: Scythian’s first acquisition was Go Green B.C. Medicinal Marijuana Ltd. (“Go Green”), a company with a pending Health Canada application to obtain an LP license under the new MMPR regulations. Through this acquisition Scythian Biosciences has the potential means and brick-and-mortar facility to meet the growing demand of prescribed medical marijuana throughout Canada.

Industry News

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Can a Pill Replace Pot for Treating Concussions?

In 2012, the former Pittsburg Steelers lineman Ralph Wenzel died from early-onset dementia. It was brought on by his severe chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a progressive brain disease triggered by repeated concussions. Earlier this year, the former NFL...

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Tackling Concussions With Cannabis

DECEMBER 18, 2016 By GREGORY ZELLER // A research effort stretching from Florida to Long Island to Canada’s Alberta province will determine if compounds derived from marijuana can be effective treatments for concussions. Calgary-based R&D firm Scythian Biosciences...

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Our Scientific and Advisory Board

Maghsoud Dariani

Founder team member, and Vice President of Celgene Corporation

Responsible for Celgene’s Manufacturing Strategy, Chiral Pharmaceutical Business

CEO of Semorex Cancer Therapy and President of Focus Pharmaceuticals

Inventor, Focalin

Board of Directors, numerous public companies

Bart Oates

President, NFL Alumni Association

Real Estate Executive

Magna Cum Laude, Juris Doctorate, Seton Hall Law School

5-time NFL Pro Bowl player; 3-time Super Bowl Champion

Peter Levy, Esq.

COO and President of two publicly traded companies

Integrity Monitor, Securities and Exchange Commission

Expert in Internal Controls and Corporate Governance

Attorney with over 25 years experience

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